I expect by now you’ll be familiar with GDPR, the data protection legislation being implemented across the EU. The legislation is aimed at protecting your personal information from misuse and requires those organisations which hold personal data to handle it in your best interest and with your permission.

Even as a Scout group we need to ensure we comply with the legislation and we use 2 external systems to store your data, both of which you already have access to:

  1. Online Scout Manager – this is where all your contact details are and you have full access to see what we see and I hope you keep it up to date – GDPR Policy link
  2. GoCardless – This is how you pay your subs and again you have full access to this system to see your details.

The information in these systems are used to operate the Group activities/pay membership fees and is never given/sold or passed in any way to any outside organisation unless you have given prior permission.

Other than those systems, we do keep some records about previous/current members. We have occasionally had requests from past members/families of members wanting to know if someone attended our group.  We also have shields and other awards. In these cases, personal information tends to be limited to people’s names, contact details at the time of attendance and dates they attended the group or got the award.

You have the right to inspect all the data we hold to verify its’ accuracy and if you wish to do so, request that it is deleted. To do this, please email . As a matter of course, we will be reviewing records held annually and deleting information held on lapsed members which is no longer required.